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Santa Cruz Transmission and Clutch Repair

Having a damaged transmission can severely affect the functionality of your vehicle. It can cause your vehicle to run at high rpm’s because the car is unable to shift gears which makes your car get terrible gas mileage. Some signals to tell if your transmission is going out are if transmission fluid is leaking from the car, your car is noisy and does not sound smooth in neutral, or your automobile is catching/clunking when trying to switch gears (for automatic transmissions).

Clutch issues may also be related to your transmission problems. Clutches are usually associated with manual transmissions because of the clutch pedal but clutches are also present in automatic transmissions. A clutch allows the moving wheels of your car to interact with a non-moving transmission in order to shift gears.

Water Star Motors, Inc. has been voted as one of the best auto repair shops in Santa Cruz and is dedicated to practicing sustainability by being a Santa Cruz Green Business. Bring your vehicle in today to have our outstanding mechanics take a look at your transmission and clutch. They are experts on repairing both so come by our shop.

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