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Radiator Repair


Having a radiator that runs properly can help prevent overheating during summer and getting too cold in winter.


Radiators are one of the most essential parts of any vehicle. They function as the temperature maintenance system for your automobile. Without a radiator and the antifreeze in it, your engine would overheat.


The necessity of radiators can be seen when cars end up overheated on the side of the road. Newer vehicles tend to have more efficient radiators and can keep your engine at a safe temperature. Keeping your radiator healthy is necessary for the functioning of your automobile.


Maintaining proper coolant levels is essential because low levels can lead to overheating or corrosion on your radiator fins. A coolant flush is also a good idea every two years.


Water Star Motors wants to keep you and your vehicle off the side of the road. Our award-winning shop has mechanics who are experts in radiator maintenance and repair. Stop by our location today to give your radiator the service it deserves.


Water Star Motors - Radiator Repair & Maintenance


Keep your engine cool with our radiator repair and maintenance services. If your vehicle overheats, it’s a clear sign that your radiator is malfunctioning. An elevated temperature gauge is also an indication that your cooling system is having issues.


If you notice yellow, green, or orange coolant leaks in your garage or office parking area, you may have a radiator leak that needs immediate attention.

Don’t overlook problems with your cooling system because things can get worse fast.

Let our ASE certified technicians fix leaks, service, or replace your radiator so you can get back on the road.


Your cooling system is composed of various parts that need to work in harmony to perform well. This includes your radiator, water pump, cooling fan, pressure cap, overflow tank, thermostat, hoses, and other parts.


Our Radiator Repair Services include:


  • Complete system inspection
  • Radiator flush
  • Repair/replace cooling fan
  • Pressure test
  • Leak test
  • Flush chemicals, sealants, and lubricants
  • Replace hoses
  • Radiator repair
  • Radiator replacement
  • Replace thermostat
  • Replace water pump

Car radiator repair is not as simple as before, a DIY can turn into a disaster quickly. Let the professionals at Water Star Motors do the job for you. Drop by the shop for a complete diagnosis of your cooling system.


Radiator Repair in Santa Cruz


Overheating problems is the fastest way to destroy your engine. If your cooling system is not functioning correctly, the temperature in your engine can reach destructive levels.

Warped aluminum heads, blown head gaskets, deformed components are expensive to repair, or worse, a complete replacement may be in order.

If you notice problems with your cooling system, you can’t just trust any auto radiator shop.


At Water Star Motors, you get the best dealership alternative for all your auto radiator repair needs.

Allow our mechanics to maintain your cooling system and keep your car from overheating. 

Most car owners think that a car dealership is the only repair shop that can offer excellent service. They don’t realize that they are missing out on great deals since radiator repair mechanics in Santa Cruz, CA, can provide the same level of service at affordable prices.


At Water Star Motors, you get a family-owned mechanic shop with 30 years of experience.


Here are reasons why you should check us out:


  • First Santa Cruz City Certified Green Business
  • Awarded by the Mayor of Santa Cruz for efforts in the Green Business Community in 2009
  • Certified Green Business in the State of California 
  • AAA approved mechanic shop
  • 2007 award for Small Business of the Year from Assemblyman John Laird
  • s
  • Voted Best in Santa Cruz on Good Times reader poll in 2002 and 2012
  • Santa Cruz Magazine Goldie Award in 2009 to 2012
  • ASE certified technicians
  • We have the longest warranties among local shops: 3 years, 36 months Parts and labor on most repairs.
  • We test-drive vehicles to ensure they get the perfect service
  • Latest test equipment for proper diagnosis and repair
  • Customer convenience with same-day service and shuttle service to home/office
  • Complete vehicle inspection every time you visit and give advice on safety issues and potential problems down the road
  • High-quality service at the best prices in town

If you are looking for radiator repair car mechanics near you, call us for an appointment today. We specialize in all domestic and import models, including European and Japanese.


Contact Water Star Motors at 318-A River Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 95060. Call Us (972) 573-9254




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