Rodent Damaged Vehicles

Rats! Rodents! Critters! Mice!

Did I say, "Squirrel!"

Rats! Rodents! Critters! Mice!

If your car won't start and you look under the hood and find what looks like nests and food scraps, you may have a rodent problem. The worst part is, rodents chewing up wiring underneath the hood can prevent your vehicle from starting at all. We know that this can be stressful, but luckily, your serene, green auto repair team - ASE certified technicians here at Water Star Motors in Santa Cruz are the rodent damage repair experts. As soon as you suspect rodent damage, bring your car to our shop, and we will help you take care of the issue.

Rodent vehicle damage can include chewing up air filters, wiring harnesses, hoses, and more. If you live in the Santa Cruz mountains, you are more at risk for rodent damage in your car. At our Santa Cruz rodent damage repair shop, we've seen hundreds of these cases and understand the process in which to not only repair your vehicle, but to correctly remove nests, droppings, and food stored by the critters. We also understand how to properly sanitize your car to remove traces of rat bacteria, urine, dander, and more.

Why do rodents choose your vehicle as a place to nest? Rodents typically look for warm or dark places that protect them from prey. Your car is the perfect place for a rodent to feel safe and to be able to store food. Rodents can also find unsecured food or garbage in garages, which can attract rodents even more so.

These critters also tend to chew and gnaw on things to keep their growing teeth at a manageable length, which is terrible news for the internal parts of your vehicle. The chewing on essential wiring, building nests, and hiding food under your hood can cause a ton of damage to remove, fix, and clean up. The chewed wires can sometimes be challenging to find since there are many hidden among your engine components.

Rodents love heater boxes - they are very cozy. If your heater starts being noisy or quits working, this could be an indicator of rats, mice, or other critters in your car.

The diseases and bacteria that rodents can carry is also a huge problem when it comes to rodent vehicle damage. If you have rodents around your air filter, every time you turn on your air, you are inhaling particles from rat droppings and dander, which can be dangerous to your health.

Rodent Vehicle DamageHere are some signs that can indicate you have a vehicle rodent problem:

  • Damage to your vehicle's wiring, tubing, and hoses
  • Engine runs quietly or is more insulated
  • You notice food or scrap items under the hood
  • Unpleasant smells such as rodent feces or urine inside your car (or dead critter smell)
  • Nests made of chewed-up insulation, twigs, scraps, etc.
  • Chewed edges on under-hood insulation
  • Rat droppings in or around where your vehicle is stored
  • Scraps of chewed paper under the hood
  • A UV light shows the presence of rodent urine
  • You already have a persistent problem with rodents around your home

Here are some ways that you can combat further rodent damage from occurring:

  • Leave your car's hood up if you park in a garage
  • Try to drive your vehicle regularly; stored and unused vehicles are usually affected the most
  • Try to avoid parking in forested areas or high grass areas
  • Use screening or sheet metal to seal up small holes in the garage
  • Secure pet food and birdseed
  • Avoid leaving garbage around where your vehicle is stored, or at least adequately safe from rodents and critters
  • Peppermint oil, cayenne pepper or Pine-Sol soaked cotton balls around tires

Your insurance may cover some rodent damage repairs, so don't forget to take photos of any damage and contact your insurance company. We will help repair any damage caused by these critters and ensure that your vehicle is properly cleaned to be safe to drive. We will also provide you with our recommendations on how to prevent rodent damage from happening to you in the future.

If you notice any symptoms indicating you have Santa Cruz rodent vehicle damage, don't hesitate to give us a call at Water Star Motors or bring your vehicle into our shop today!

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