Smog Check in Santa Cruz

In Santa Cruz area, it’s required by the state of California to have biennial smog checks performed on your vehicle. According to the state, unless you have a hybrid, electric, natural gas-powered, or gasoline-powered vehicle manufactured in 1975 or before, a smog check is needed every two years.

California cares about the quality of its air and we do too. Performing a smog check gives us great pleasure because we are able to better your vehicle and the environment at the same time. If anything is irregular with your car, there’s a good chance it’s affecting your emissions. With our high-end automotive technology, here at Water Star Motors, Inc. we are able to locate the problem and fix it.

By attaching a sensory device to your muffler and running the vehicle, we can discover the amount and kind of emissions being produced. Since high emissions go hand in hand with poor vehicle performance, there’s a good chance your vehicle’s performance will improve after the smog check.

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to appreciate clean air. You breathe it every day, therefore it should be clean! Keep your vehicle in accordance with California state law, maintain the quality of air in Santa Cruz area, and keep your vehicle in good working order – all with a single smog check.