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Jeep Repair and Services

It’s hard to imagine that the Jeep started out as a military vehicle unavailable to the public. Millions of Jeep owners have found a home on the road with their Jeep. No longer is a Jeep just a camouflaged vehicle used for winning wars; it’s now a popular vehicle that affords comfort and superior driving to fellow Californians.

Unless you’re a Wrangler off roader, you probably don’t use your jeep like Allied soldiers did back in the war days. Even though owners aren’t taking their Jeeps on rocky European terrain and having it shot at by armed enemies, Jeeps still have their fair share of problems. Bumpy roads, long highways and sudden stops eventually cause the need for repair.

If you live in Santa Cruz and own a Jeep, you’re in luck. Water Star Motors, Inc. is in your area and skilled in Jeep repair. Rest assured that when you bring your vehicle into Water Star you’ll receive exceptional customer service and support. We’ll tell you what exactly is wrong with your Jeep and how we plan to fix it. When we return your Jeep to you, you’ll be amazed by the difference in performance. Water Star Motors, Inc. is not your ordinary auto repair shop. It’s on a whole different level.

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