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Nissan Auto Repair and Services

The Nissan line is one of the most well-received lines in America. It has also found a home in California. With thousands of Californian Nissan owners, we understand the importance of performing exceptional repairs on Nissans. Although they are built to last, your Nissan will eventually require a repair, whether it be minor or major. Whatever trouble you run into, we offer affordable and sound solutions for Nissan automobiles.

If you have a problem with one of the Nissan models, we invite you to come in for an inspection. We provide solutions for Altimas, Maximas, Rogues, Versas, Cubes and all other Nissan models. At Water Star Motors, Inc., we also provide exceptional customer service. You won’t be greeted by a grumpy old desk attendant. You’ll be greeted by friends – the same people performing maintenance on your Nissan.

After visiting us once with your Nissan, you won’t go anywhere else with your vehicle. We make great first impressions because we give you your vehicle back in a condition that’s many times better than how we received it. Overall, we fix your problem and do it at an affordable rate. If you live in Santa Cruz and have a Nissan, we look forward to seeing you!