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$39.75 Smog, 2000 and newer Smog Check 2000 and newer, includes enhanced, $39.75 + $8.25 for the DMV certificate. Includes Free multi-point Vehicle Inspection. Free retest if you fail and we perform the repairs. No Star certified Smogs. ... [more...] $100 Off - Timing Belt Service $100.00 dollars off a complete timing belt service with new water pump. This Includes replacing the Timing Belt and Rollers, Front Cam Shaft and Crankshaft Seals when needed, and Water Pump. In some cases a hydraulic tensioner may also need to be replaced. Regularly starting at $599.00 and up. ... [more...]

Muffler and Exhaust Repair in Santa Cruz

A lot of problems can arise from your vehicle having muffler and/or exhaust damage. If your exhaust is not functioning properly dangerous chemicals can be left in your engine or spewed out into the environment. Connected to your exhaust system is your muffler. Mufflers can become damaged over time so much that they crack or develop holes in them. This can be extremely dangerous because carbon monoxide could be released into the cabin of your vehicle.

Finding someone to repair them is almost as much of a hassle for auto owners. Water Star Motors, Inc. can completely service your exhaust and muffler system. Our professionally trained mechanics can identify any repairs that your vehicle needs, including exhaust and muffler issues. Bring in your vehicle today for muffler and exhaust repair in Santa Cruz.

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