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$39.75 Smog, 2000 and newer Smog Check 2000 and newer, includes enhanced, $39.75 + $8.25 for the DMV certificate. Includes Free multi-point Vehicle Inspection. Free retest if you fail and we perform the repairs. No Star certified Smogs. ... [more...] $100 Off - Timing Belt Service $100.00 dollars off a complete timing belt service with new water pump. This Includes replacing the Timing Belt and Rollers, Front Cam Shaft and Crankshaft Seals when needed, and Water Pump. In some cases a hydraulic tensioner may also need to be replaced. Regularly starting at $599.00 and up. ... [more...]

Radiator Repair

Radiators are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. They function as the temperature maintenance system for your automobile. Without a radiator and the antifreeze in it, your engine would overheat.

The necessity of radiators can be seen when cars end up overheated on the side of the road. Newer vehicles tend to have more efficient radiators and are able to keep your engine at a safe temperature. Keeping your radiator healthy is necessary for the functioning of your automobile.

Water Star Motors, Inc. wants to keep you and your vehicle off the side of the road. Our award winning shop has mechanics who are experts on radiator maintenance and repair. Stop by our location today to give your radiator the service it deserves.

Santa Cruz: 318-A River Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

These are actual images of vehicles being serviced at Water Star Motors Inc. courtesy of Clear Mechanic™

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