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90,000 Mile Service by Water Star Motors, Inc.

The 90K service is a major tune up given to cars that have reached 90,000 miles. No matter if a car is for personal or commercial use, upon reaching 90,000 miles, the marks of deterioration are notably seen. Thus, a 90K service is performed to make sure that a vehicle is in outstanding condition. In a 90K service, inspection of the suspension, fuel system, brakes, steering, and other services are done to know which parts need to be replaced and which ones should be adjusted. This may also be the time for filter replacements, an oil change and thorough inspection of any leakages. For some vehicles, replacing of spark plugs is also performed. The services vary on the severity of the damage and the current condition of a vehicle.

The longevity of your vehicle life depends on the maintenance it has gone through. The more inspection and restoration it received, the more chances of a vehicle having a long running life. It is suggested to fulfill the major service milestones for your vehicle. It will not only give you peace of mind, but will also give you an opportunity to ask for a good price when the time comes that you have to let go of your prized vehicle.

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