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$39.75 Smog, 2000 and newer Smog Check 2000 and newer, includes enhanced, $39.75 + $8.25 for the DMV certificate. Includes Free multi-point Vehicle Inspection. Free retest if you fail and we perform the repairs. No Star certified Smogs. ... [more...] $100 Off - Timing Belt Service $100.00 dollars off a complete timing belt service with new water pump. This Includes replacing the Timing Belt and Rollers, Front Cam Shaft and Crankshaft Seals when needed, and Water Pump. In some cases a hydraulic tensioner may also need to be replaced. Regularly starting at $599.00 and up. ... [more...]

Electrical Repair

Today’s automobiles are some extremely complex pieces of machinery. They have computers, sensors, and hybrid technology that allow a vehicle to switch between electric or gas use.  Much of what goes on in a vehicle today is controlled by electricity. With this whole new aspect of cars it is difficult to find a shop that can provide trustworthy service at a reasonable price.


Diagnosing electrical problems seems like it can be difficult by just looking at your engine, but it ironically has made diagnosing problems a lot easier. With new equipment, almost all problems can be diagnosed within a matter of seconds.


At Water Star Motors, Inc., our trained auto technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment in order to identify your vehicle’s repair needs. They have been educated to repair all of the electrical problems that may arise in your car. Stop by our shop to get your automobile’s electric problems fixed!


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