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6 Benefits of an Oil Change Santa Cruz, CA

Having an oil change Santa Cruz, CA is one of the most vital routine vehicle maintenance tasks a car owner should have. Scheduled oil changes keep your car’s engine running smoothly, and while your mechanics are at it, you can also have other parts of your vehicle inspected as well.

At Water Star Motors, we offer oil change services that are quick and simple. We also provide a free vehicle inspection as part of the service. Our auto technicians will go over your vehicle to check hoses, belts, filters, tire pressure, and fluid levels, to name a few. We will also look for parts that show abnormal wear and tear so that you can deal with them early and avoid major repairs down the road. Here are the benefits you get with regular oil changes.


Take Care of Your Engine with an Oil Change Santa Cruz, CA

Keeps Your Engine Clean

As your oil flows throughout your engine, dirt will start to accumulate within it. Failure to change the oil regularly will allow sludge to build up in your engine. If you live in dry and dusty areas, you can expect more dirt and debris. An oil change Santa Cruz, CA will remove any of these harmful contaminants and keep your engine safe from damage.


Prolong Engine Lifespan

Car owners will agree that engine oil is the lifeblood of your car. Oil lubricates and protects engine parts from damage and wear. What you can’t prevent is engine oil getting dirty. Regular oil and filter changes based on your manufacturer’s recommendations will help keep your engine clean and protected, saving you time and money. An oil change is an investment that keeps your car running for many years to come. 


Protects Engine Parts

If you want to know what oil does inside your engine, here’s a closer look. Your engine is made up of internal parts which make it run like cylinders, rods, camshafts, and crankshafts. Engine oil helps keep these components moving and running properly. Clean oil protects your engine’s internal parts and keeps them operating properly.


Better Mileage

Every car owner would love a fuel efficient car that keeps you from making frequent trips to the gas station. Although many factors contribute to gas mileage, routine oil changes help you save on gas. If you allow your oil to accumulate dirt and grime, your internal parts will be subject to more friction as they move. Friction lowers fuel efficiency and engine performance. Clean oil reduces friction and allows your car to run with the best fuel mileage. Getting an oil change saves you gas money.


Lower Emissions

People are going green nowadays, and passing emissions testing is essential for car owners who want to help protect the environment. Tests measure how much hydrocarbons your car is releasing into the atmosphere. To lower the amount of these harmful substances, you need regular oil changes. 


Older cars and trucks are prone to burning old and dirty oil, which can be seen in their exhaust. Hydrocarbons build up inside your engine when you have dirty oil. When these substances get burned up, they are released into the air through your vehicle's exhaust. If you want to pass your emissions test and help lower pollution in your community, an oil change Santa Cruz, CA is a best practice. 


Boost Engine Performance

Over time, oil breaks down due to high temperatures in your engine. Heat causes your oil to lose its viscosity and the ability to lubricate your cylinder walls. The dirtier your oil, the less lubrication your engine gets, making your engine run at higher temperatures. 


Engines run smoothly at optimal operating temperature, if you run it hotter than usual it will run less efficiently and lose power. Clean oil draws heat from your engine parts, making them run smoothly.

Oil Change Santa Cruz, CA - waterstarmotors

Water Star Motors: Visit Us For an Oil Change Santa Cruz, CA


A scheduled oil change Santa Cruz, CA is a must if you want to maintain your car's performance and prolong your engine's lifespan. Old and dirty oil lowers gas mileage, decreases horsepower, and may cause engine damage. Your owner’s manual will show you when to get your oil change at proper intervals.


At Water Star Motors, you get a family-owned auto repair shop with 27 years of experience in oil change services.


Here are reasons why you should check us out:


  • First Santa Cruz City Certified Green Business
  • Awarded by the Mayor of Santa Cruz for efforts in the Green business Community in 2009
  • Certified Green Business in the State of California 
  • AAA approved mechanic shop
  • 2007 award for Small Business of the Year from Assembly member John Laird
  • Voted Best in Santa Cruz on Good Times reader poll in 2002 and 2012
  • Santa Cruz Magazine Goldie Award in 2009 to 2012
  • ASE certified technicians
  • One of the longest warranties among local shops: 24 months labor and parts, unlimited mileage
  • Vehicles are test-driven to ensure they are serviced to perfection
  • Latest test equipment for proper diagnosis and repair
  • Customer convenience with same day service and shuttle service to home/office
  • Complete vehicle inspection every time you visit and give advice on safety issues and potential problems down the road
  • High-quality service at the best prices in town


The majority of mechanics will tell you to change your oil every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Oil change intervals can vary based on your driving habits, type of engine oil, and new engine technologies. A 5,000-mile schedule for more modern vehicles is a good practice to follow. 


It doesn’t matter if you own a vintage car or the latest model, a regular oil change will benefit your vehicle and keep it running smoothly for a long time.

If you are looking for a Green mechanic shop near you for your oil change requirements, call us for an appointment today. We specialize in all import models, including European and Japanese.





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