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Yearly Archives: 2024

Rock, Paper, Car – Tires Make the World Go Round

Rock, Paper, Car – Tires Make the World Go Round

Do you sometimes feel caught between a Rock and a hard place? Like You’re suffering from multiple Paper cuts? All because your Car is having “issues”? Let us help you understand how to get optimal power out of your car.
Brought to you by Water Star Motors Your Clean, Green, Auto Repair Team Written by Henry & Lisa Carter
All car owners have one thing in common; cars use tires. As we have mentioned in previous articles, tire condition and tire pressure are important factors in how well your car will perform; especially in the handling, safety, and gas mileage departments. Tires will always wear out eventually. Sometimes this happens sooner than we think. Tires also go flat. Many factors play a part in how long tires will last. What circumstances will shred miles off the life of my tires? Most commonly worn-out struts and shocks, loose steering linkage, improper tire pressure, the vehicles alignment being out of adjustment, worn out suspe ... read more


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