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Rock, Paper, Car – Tires Make the World Go Round

Do you sometimes feel caught between a Rock and a hard place? Like You’re suffering from multiple Paper cuts? All because your Car is having “issues”? Let us help you understand how to get optimal power out of your car.

Brought to you by Water Star Motors Your Clean, Green, Auto Repair Team Written by Henry & Lisa Carter

All car owners have one thing in common; cars use tires. As we have mentioned in previous articles, tire condition and tire pressure are important factors in how well your car will perform; especially in the handling, safety, and gas mileage departments. Tires will always wear out eventually. Sometimes this happens sooner than we think. Tires also go flat. Many factors play a part in how long tires will last.

What circumstances will shred miles off the life of my tires? Most commonly worn-out struts and shocks, loose steering linkage, improper tire pressure, the vehicles alignment being out of adjustment, worn out suspension bushings or simply being out of balance can all shorten the life of your tires. Driving habits are also something to consider.

What can I do to optimize the mileage of my tires? At Water Star Motors every time we service your car our technicians inspect all the components that can affect tire wear. We then make any recommendations necessary to correct improper tire wear. On a personal note, just looking at your tires regularly will clue you in on how they are. Are they wearing more on one edge or the other? Is the center wearing but not the outer edges? Are there any bulges or cracks on the side walls? Is there cupping or uneven wear on the treads? All these are signs of problems that need to be addressed by your repair shop. Basically, being proactive about your car’s maintenance will add to the life of your tires.

Driving increases your chances of experiencing at least one flat scenario. It is best to remain as calm as possible and find a safe way to the side of the road. Turn on the emergency flashers. Here is where an AAA membership may pay off. Particularly if you don’t know how to change a tire or if you simply don’t want to get a little dirty. If you do have this service, just call and they will send someone out to change the tire or tow it to a shop to be fixed if there is a major failure.

When today’s highly developed tires go flat, they require specific procedures to ensure a proper repair and to protect the integrity of the tire’s belts. Also, because many people drive on a flat or nearly flat tire for some distance before they realize they have a problem or before they can safely pull over, a considerable amount of internal damage to the tire can occur. The damage can be mechanical damage or heat damage because an under-inflated tire can become extremely hot due to excessive flexing when driven on. Careful inside inspection by a properly trained technician is required to detect damage.

So, whether your tires are worn funny or are brand new, getting them checked on a regular basis will help keep you safe and rolling down the road called life. It will also extend the longevity of your tires and the investment you have in them.


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