How Meditation Can Help You While Driving

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Meditation Can Improve Driving Focus

“When there is harmony in your car, there is peace on your path. Creating world peace one car at a time.” Imagine, for a moment, the owners of a well-running auto repair shop starting their day with meditation. That is how Henry and Lisa of Water Star Motors start their days. “We have been meditating for over 30 years,” Lisa mentions in an interview. “It’s the best way I know to improve one’s focusing powers.”


Taking the stress out of driving, routine maintenance, and auto repair is what Water Star Motors customers seek from the shop’s staff and highly skilled auto mechanics.People are much like the vehicles they drive — It’s all about harmony and balance.


The experience of customers who trust their vehicle care and auto repair to Water Star Motors is one of happiness. They love how their vehicle sounds and runs so smoothly. In contrast, there are owners of vehicles whose cars struggle to start, let alone go anywhere. The difference is palpable — an aura that is unsettled, chaotic and uncomfortable. If you know someone with a vehicle like this — friend, family or colleague — please refer them to Water Star Motors. Our ASE-Certified auto mechanics will help them, and their cars find the Meditation focus they deserve.


Mindfulness matters. Water Star Motors has been empowered by strong meditation practices, which is where the “serene” in our motto — “Your Serene, Green Auto Repair Team” —  comes in. We understand any day can be chaotic, for both our customers and our staff, but meditation makes things more light-hearted and harmonious. Here at Water Star Motors, we believe that when there are harmony and balance in your car, there is peace in your path, and peace of mind, whatever your destination — work, school or an adventurous day trip. Having that approach has helped us build lifelong relationships with our customers.


We love that residents of Santa Cruz and vicinity trust us with the physical care of their cars, trucks, and SUVs. In return, we love that by letting their car care flow to us, we can help them chill and relax when driving. Speaking of which, here are a few suggestions— “driving moments of Zen,” if you will — for your consideration:


  • Find Your Driving Zen — Life can be hectic, driving is a prime example. Slow down a tad, choose kindness over irritation and set your mind before you drive; as if everyone on the road is your friend.
  • Practice Deep Breathing — Learn and practice simple breathing exercises while driving that can help you relieve stress and make you feel less anxious. It can be as effortless as breathing in a count of 4 and exhaling to a count of 4 - four or five times. Arrive relaxed and primed to engage.
  • Lighten Up — Do something silly, like singing a song or sharing jokes and funny stories with your co-riders. Or imagine yourself driving with actress Julia Roberts, in Tuscany Italy while you “Live, Drive, Laugh.”
  • Be an Early Bird — Plan to arrive a few minutes early, whether to work or play. Gift yourself some early morning “quiet time” to reflect and center yourself for your entire day. You can do this before exiting your car.
  • Stoke Yourself with Kindness — On your way to a challenging meeting or appointment? About to have a tough talk with someone near and dear? Then lift yourself up. While driving there, think of a random act of kindness and do it. It’ll supercharge you with positivity JUST before you head into that challenge.
  • ­Let Go — Not everything in life is your battle unless you choose to make it so. Whittle the worries away. Deal with what you can change, Let the rest go. You’ll feel your mind easing.

Check out the 5-Star review from a customer whose sense of humor weaves throughout his praise:

“I'm of the mindset that any married couple that also choose to work together e-v-e-r-y__s-i-n-g-l-e__d-a-y must be a little touched, y'know? Gosh man, the head spins! To accomplish together what Lisa and Henry Carter have now for near a quarter-century in business while together 24 hours a day is nothing short of magical. Baffling perhaps, but definitely contributes to the highest level of respect and admiration I hold for those two, and too every person working within their Water Star Motors walls. From Lisa's gentle, steadfast navigation at the administrative helm to Henry's deep well of Mercedes-Benz Zen mastery; from Kristen's unflappably upbeat control of the service counter (backed by a scathing little humor streak that you might one day glimpse if you're lucky), to Donald's unquestionable underhood prowess borne of his badass "Problem? No problem!" backbone, to Carlos's wry Obi-Wan projections that seem to will cars to solve their own problems, Water Star Motors has what so many lack to ensure consistent success all around: Relationship. And that, my friends, when pulled off properly is as contagious as it gets, and you too will soon fall into relationship here if you hang around and let yourself feel it. And yeah, they kickass fixing cars too.” -- Stephen A.


Meditate for a moment about the vehicle service you expect and deserve. If you need some of that Zen in your and your car’s life, please let Water Star Motors be your trusted Sensei. We invite you to call us, schedule an appointment online, or drop by for a visit.


Did we mention, Lisa teaches Meditation in Santa Cruz? Check out Meditation From The Heart. We’re located at 318-A River Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060, and we’re open Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We’d love to bring ‘auto peace of mind’ to you, your family and friends.


Meditation from the Heart


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