The Benefits of Taking Your Car to a Reliable Mechanic Shop in Santa Cruz, CA

Owning a car has its benefits, but one of the unavoidable aspects of vehicle ownership is auto repair.

Many car dealerships would encourage you to go to them for car repair and maintenance, but is this your only option?

You can ask Google or Siri about a reliable mechanic shop in Santa Cruz, CA, so that you can compare notes.

There are benefits to canceling your trip to the dealership and taking your car instead to an independent mechanic shop near you.

An independent mechanic shop can provide you with the same level of service and repairs, just like with dealerships.

We share why you should consider taking your vehicle to a trusted mechanic shop for repairs.


Auto mechanics using computer-aided tools for accurate diagnostics

Why Visit a Mechanic Shop for Repairs?

Our cars have changed the way we travel every day. Taking public transportation daily can be a stressful experience.

One thing that we need to keep an eye on is to keep our cars in tip-top shape all the time.

Mechanical issues can be a hassle, imagine experiencing a breakdown on your way to an important meeting?

If this is your first time to own a car and you don’t have any idea about cars at all, you need a professional mechanic shop to perform regular maintenance and repairs. 

Trying to fix the problem on your own can only aggravate your situation. Only a certified mechanic can give you the best results.

Lower Prices

Car owners in Santa Cruz, CA, are surprised when they hear about the prices of repair and services when they check out an independent mechanic shop.

Auto dealerships charge high prices, but more expensive doesn’t always mean that you get excellent service all the time.

With an independent mechanic shop, you get more affordable prices, plus they also give the same level of service or even better than dealerships.

At Water Star Motors, we can provide dealership level service at a fraction of the price. We are committed to giving high-quality service to all our customers.

Experience and Skills

Car repair issues can range from a faulty brake to a busted headlight. A mechanic shop can deal with any auto repair issue you may encounter.

They know what caused the problem and know the best solution.

Water Star Motors has modern equipment and software that can access repair information used in dealerships.

We also use the best replacement parts that your vehicle needs.

Our mechanic shop has experienced auto technicians who are certified for the jobs that they perform.

This ensures customer satisfaction as mechanics have the skills needed to do repairs. Technicians have passed an exam and renew their certification when required.

Our team also has years of experience working on all makes and models. We also keep abreast of the latest vehicle technologies and computer control systems.

You can always depend on us to bring your car back to its pristine condition.

In some instances, dealerships come to us and contract work due to our excellent level of service.


If you know how to DIY car repairs, it can be a good option, but the question is, do you have the time and the right tools to perform the job? Plus, you might end up making the problem worse.

Today’s cars are made up of sophisticated electronics and computers that require the latest diagnostic equipment to analyze. What are the chances of you having a diagnostic tool in your garage?

Going to the dealership is another option, but have you heard about the hassle many car owners experience at the dealership?

The common experience at car dealerships are long lines and waiting periods. You are also at the mercy of their schedule and availability.

If you don’t make an appointment in advance, you need to fall in line just like other walk-in customers.

Car owners need quick and reliable service. Auto dealerships are not your best option if you want car repair that works within your schedule.

Water Star Motors gives quality repairs that fit your schedule.

Personal Touch

It would be rare if you got into contact with your mechanic at the dealership. Most of the time, you only speak with the person handling repairs and services.

At Water Star Motors, you can engage with our mechanics and employees. As a mechanic shop, we focus on customer service.

We want our customers to have a pleasant experience at our mechanic shop, so you will come back for future repairs and spread the word about us to your family and friends.

Water Star Motors: A Trusted Mechanic Shop in Santa Cruz, CA

Most car owners think that car dealerships are the only repair shops that can offer great service. They don’t realize that they are missing out on great deals since there is a mechanic shop in Santa Cruz, CA, that provides the same level of service at affordable prices.


At Water Star Motors, you get a family-owned mechanic shop with 27 years of experience.

Here are reasons why you should check us out:

  • First Santa Cruz City Certified Green Business
  • Awarded by the Mayor of Santa Cruz for efforts in the Green business Community in 2009
  • Certified Green Business in the State of California 
  • AAA approved mechanic shop
  • 2007 award for Small Business of the Year from Assemblymember John Laird
  • Voted Best in Santa Cruz on Good Times reader poll in 2002 and 2012
  • Santa Cruz Magazine Goldie Award in 2009 to 2012
  • ASE certified technicians
  • One of the longest warranties among local shops: 24 months labor and parts, unlimited mileage
  • Vehicles are test-driven to ensure they are serviced to perfection
  • Latest test equipment for proper diagnosis and repair
  • Customer convenience with same day service and shuttle service to home/office
  • Complete vehicle inspection every time you visit and give advice on safety issues and potential problems down the road
  • High-quality service at the best prices in town

If you are looking for a Green mechanic shop near you, call us for an appointment today. We specialize in all import models, including European and Japanese.



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