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Things You Need to Know About BMW Auto Repair

Some car brands appeal to the luxury crowd like Mercedes Benz, for example, while BMW has a sportier bunch as fanatics.

BMW owners take pride in their vehicles, and just like any high-performance automobile, it is vital to have regular BMW auto repair to keep maintenance costs lower.

In general, you need to maintain your BMW every 10,000 miles or at least once a year.

Working on your BMW requires an expert in BMW Auto Repair because not all mechanics are knowledgeable about BMW technology.

If you plan to buy a BMW, you should be prepared to spend on the cost of ownership, including BMW auto repair and maintenance.

Keep in mind that owning European brands can be more expensive than an American or Asian car or truck.

BMW offers a short term free maintenance program for the initial years of car ownership, usually three years or 36,000 miles. After the free program ends, you need to go to an independent BMW auto repair shop or dealership for repairs and maintenance.

How Much Do You Spend on BMW Auto Repair?

When buying a car costs don’t end with vehicle purchase, you need to spend on parts, labor, and repair.

BMW is one of the most expensive cars to own. They are not just expensive to purchase but are quite steep to maintain as well.

Insurance costs are on the expensive side too, as replacing a BMW would cost insurance companies an arm and a leg.

f you own a BMW model with more cylinders like a V8 or V12, you can expect to spend more than a four or six-cylinder engine on BMW auto repair.

For minor BMW auto repairs like oil change, filters, and inspection, you can expect to spend between $200 to $400 while major repairs like transmissions can cost from $400 to $600.

Owning an imported European brand is quite expensive. OEM Parts are imported, so you need to spend on shipping costs on top of the selling price.

Brakes are another common maintenance item that you need to keep an eye on. Brakes are essential for your overall safety when on the road, so you should use the proper brake pads and rotors for your BMW.

Expense should not be an issue when you are in for brake repairs and maintenance. Stay away from cheap aftermarket brake parts that won’t give your BMW the stopping power it needs.

Ceramic brake pads are an excellent aftermarket alternative to BMW OEM pads as they give more stopping power and less dust.

BMW brake fluid should be changed every two years for peak performance.

Oil Change
European turbo vehicles like BMW generate high heat, which requires more frequent oil changes.

In these instances, expert BMW auto repair mechanics recommend an oil change every 5,000 miles, which is twice as much as some brands that require oil changes every 10,000 miles.

There is a myth about BMW that recommends having an oil change every 15,000 miles. Such infrequent oil changes can result in significant damage over time, especially if you drive your BMW aggressively.

BMW owners should use the right oil for their engines. We have high-performance synthetic oils that cost from $8 to $15 per liter, and depending on your engine, your BMW will use around 7 to 9 liters of oil.

Oils with higher grades are more expensive and are a must for BMW turbo engines.

Supercharged or turbocharged engines must use fully synthetic oil like Castrol or Mobil 1. Older BMW engines use mineral-based oils and are not recommended to switch to synthetic.

10 Year Ownership
Consumer Reports surveyed the cost of car ownership for 25 car brands, and it turns out that BMW repair and maintenance costs for the first five years are in the $59 range. This is because only small BMW auto repair jobs are needed within the first few years of ownership.

Once you hit the five year mark all the way to the 10th year, major BMW auto repair work will start to creep in.

As your BMW gets older, the more work it will take to keep it working in top condition. While this may be true for other brands, BMW parts and labor cost makes it more expensive than the rest.

BMW comes out on top of the survey with a $910 cost of ownership among 25 brands that were surveyed.

A repair mechanic with the rear of a black BMW sports car behind him

Water Star Motors: For Reliable BMW Auto Repair in Santa Cruz, CA

Most car owners think that a car dealership is the only repair shop that can offer excellent service. They don’t realize that they are missing out on great deals since BMW auto repair mechanics in Santa Cruz, CA, can provide the same level of service at affordable prices.

At Water Star Motors, you get a family-owned mechanic shop with 27 years of experience.

Here are reasons why you should check us out:

  • First Santa Cruz City Certified Green Business
  • Awarded by the Mayor of Santa Cruz for efforts in the Green business Community in 2009
  • Certified Green Business in the State of California 
  • AAA approved mechanic shop
  • 2007 award for Small Business of the Year from Assembly member John Laird
  • Voted Best in Santa Cruz on Good Times reader poll in 2002 and 2012
  • Santa Cruz Magazine Goldie Award in 2009 to 2012
  • ASE certified technicians
  • One of the longest warranties among local shops: 24 months labor and parts, unlimited mileage
  • Vehicles are test-driven to ensure they are serviced to perfection
  • Latest test equipment for proper diagnosis and repair
  • Customer convenience with same day service and shuttle service to home/office
  • Complete vehicle inspection every time you visit and give advice on safety issues and potential problems down the road
  • High-quality service at the best prices in town

If you are looking for Green car mechanics near you, call us for an appointment today. We specialize in all import models, including European and Japanese.


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